Tap into Angel Funding Opportunities
We are on the lookout for companies that have a unique idea, dedicated team and growth potential. Ideally, we are looking for startups that need investment between EUR 20k to 500k. Submit your application today for a chance to pitch in front of investment-hungry angels.
What are we looking for?
  • Product
    The initial evaluation focuses on the problem and solution offered by the startup. Investors suggest presenting this section concisely and logically.
  • Team
    An investor values the team's size and the experience of its members. Even with a great project idea, doubt about the team's ability to execute can deter investment.
  • Market opportunity
    A product's global competitiveness is a positive factor for investors. To demonstrate this, thorough market research on competitors, customers, and market size is vital.
  • Achievements
    The project application should indicate if the start-up has previous achievements in acceleration programs, incubators, and if it has received investments.
  • Strategy
    The team must carefully define what its plans are for the next three to five years, what the market strategy is and the planned pace of development.
  • Offer
    What is the company's offer to the investor? Each investor has his own preferences. The founder must be ready to adjust the offer so that it is acceptable to both parties.
How to get funded by business angels?
Fill in the application via the link provided below. Be sure to provide as accurate data as possible.
Our team reviews every new submission and assesses the quality and relevance of the application (at this stage we do not rate the substance, but rather estimate whether all necessary data is provided).
Once a month, our seasoned angels rate the project and, depending on the quality, decide whether to invite you to pitch at our pitching event or to recommend you to work with one of our partners.
Once you are invited to pitch, our investors will give you feedback to the product/service you are building.
If there are investors that are interested in potentially investing in your company, they will continue discussions with you and conduct due diligence of your company.