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LatBAN connects and educates business angels to increase investment quality and quantity
Why angel investing?
You might believe that investors are only in it to make money, but for many, investing is a means to give back to the community, support the creation of successful companies, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from being actively involved. Of course, angels also desire a respectable profit. As a member of the community,you have access to high-quality deal flow and the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned angels to share ideas and opinions before making an investment choice.
Business Angel Benefits
  • Startup database
    Our database of current and former startups seeking funding or partnerships.
  • Pitch events
    We host online and offline pitch events every month that feature presentations from 3-5 chosen entrepreneurs.
  • Education
    Investing the right way can be hard. LatBAN sets up many events and offers exclusive content to help improve your angel investing skills.
  • Networking
    LatBAN is fundamentally a close-knit community, fostering genuine and dynamic exchanges among its members, defining the essence of a community-driven organization.
  • Syndication
    Join deals beyond your usual scope with LatBAN syndicates, where members collaborate to negotiate and minimize portfolio risk.
  • Representation
    The association works hand in hand with the Government and public institutions to encourage Angel Investing and support the Startup Ecosystem.
  • Implication in the ecosystem
    Angels invest not just for profit but to give back, foster success, and find fulfillment in community support.
  • LatBAN members-only events
    Monthly startup pitch events, venture dinners, startup consulting events, networking events, and discounted tickets to startup flagship events.
  • Access to the services of European Business Angel Network
    LatBAN is a proud member of EBAN, which allows to access and share valuable content and access to events.
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